Minute Souvenir EP part 1

Minute (mahy-noot): small in size, amount, extent
Souvenir (soo-vuh-neer): A reminder of a place visited, an occasion, memento, a memory

A solo experiment. All parts written, played, produced, engineered, recorded and sang by Emy Reynolds

EP release date: 29 September 2019

Part 2 Release 2020


Video: Boomerang

New music video made by 78/52!



by Emy Reynolds





Emy Reynolds was raised in the golden valley of Ojai, Ca. She started as a touring musician and songwriter . Traveling the US and abroad to play as many shows possible. The connection with people through music is what drove her to pursue her career. She has performed and wrote for elkke, formally known as the Emy Reynolds Band. 

During her time as a touring musician and songwriter, her songs were featured on television shows and commercials. Seeing her songs in a visual context drove her to pursue music  storytelling in film. She is now working and living in Los Angeles Ca, composing and songwriting.

With a songwriting background, Emy has a unique sound and perspective that allows her to make people feel and connect through music in film.

Emy will be releasing a record early 2020 titled Minute Souvenir.